Farms are Magical Places for Children

Farms are a magical place for little eyes and hands!
Posted on 10/02/2018
Picking Apples

Each October, Fort Meadow loads our little ones onto busses and vans to take a field trip to Kosinski Farm.  This field trip is a rich, hands-on experience that helps our students truly understand, with all their senses, just what it means to be on a farm.  As with all learners, the more they can touch, smell, and taste the things they are learning about, the more deeply students will understand and remember what they learn.

Upon entering the barnyard, the children are treated to a tractor-drawn wagon ride to the apple orchard.  There, the children will learn that apples grow on trees and come in many colors and sizes.   Each child then picks their own apple from a tree.  Next, it’s time for a tasty snack!  Once snack is done, the children get to pick out a pumpkin from the bins.  Some are orange, some are white, some are bumpy and some are smooth, some are big and some are small but they are all pumpkins!  Finally, it’s time to go back to school so everyone gets on the busses with the apples and pumpkins.  When they arrive back at school, the children are so excited to see their families and share with them the fun time they had on our farm field trip!